Hi there! I’m Taylor McLean and this blog is meant to document my year of food justice education and spiritual growth while I am a BFJYAV (Boston Food Justice Young Adult Volunteer) with the Presbyterian Mission Agency.  I am a middle child of a single mother from Newport News, Virginia and I can tell you I LOVED living in the south. While I’m super excited for my year in Boston, I’m a little nervous to live without my sweet tea and fresh biscuits. Other than a lack of soul food, I don’t think there is much that has me worried about this year. I’m a very independent person and I love a challenge. I have a wonderful boyfriend as well as my family and friends that are supporting me (even if they don’t understand why I would want to live without an income/Chipotle for a year). While this blog will be full of thoughtful reflections and ah-ha moments of God’s presence, I can assure you it will also record my (inevitable and likely hilarious) mistakes, blunders, and mispronunciation of New England words. Thanks for taking the time to check me out! Feel free to leave a comment, ask me questions, or make a donation to my year of service through on my fundraising page.



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