May Adventures!

So after being away for three week’s I want to take a moment to share my adventures and some lessons I learned.

My first week gone was spent in sunny Orlando, Florida, mostly just relaxing. I took my vacation week to lay by a pool with my boyfriend, James and one day we went to Universal Studios. The big take away from this trip was that, even after growing up, I still hate roller coasters. We got the opportunity to go to both of the Harry Potter worlds (Hogsmead and Diagon Alley). I agreed to ride a small roller coaster, Flight of the Hipogryph (literally a children’s coaster, James and I had trouble fitting in the seats) and once we got to the top I started screaming NO! NO! NO! The couples in front of and behind me thought I was hilarious and I could hear them making fun of me as we walked away. Other than a bruised ego, I escaped unscathed.

My next stop was New York City with my housemates and site coordinator to meet up with the New York and DC YAVS. We all stayed together in a monastery in Jamaica, Queens and again mostly relaxed. One evening we served dinner at the community meal at First Pres Jamaica and we participated in a $5 lunch challenge. We were each sent into Queens with a five dollar bill and told to find lunch. IMG_0479Three other YAVs and I pooled our money to buy the most delicious spread of Indian food that I have ever had. We also go an afternoon to adventure into Manhattan where a group of us went and saw the Highline (an old raised railroad that has been converted into a garden/ public space),
Times Square, and Central Park. New York was a fabulous trip and it was very restorative to hear from other YAVs that their years have also been challenging and meaningful.

After returning to Boston I worked in the community garden at Good Shepherd and celebrated my 24th birthday by completely sleeping through my alarm and missing church last Sunday (I’m very sorry!) May has been off to an exciting and exhausting start. Next weekend I will welcome my mom to Beantown for a Memorial Day visit, a trip I have been looking forward to for months! It’s clear that I won’t be getting much rest between now and the end of my YAV year (July 31st) but I’m looking forward to a summer full of adventures around Boston. It’s been nice to travel but I am very excited to be back!


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