With so many exciting things happening in my life right now it seems fitting to spend this week reflecting on Joy. Now that the Believe series is started again after our break for Easter we are asking ourselves the question “Who am I becoming?” while looking at core Christian virtues.

The first two sections of this chapter talk about God as our source of joy and joyful celebrations, but I’m most interested in the third section- joy despite our circumstances. This week especially it is easy for me to feel joyful because Monday I got the good news that I received funding for seminary. You may remember from my writing a few weeks ago that of the two seminaries I was accepted to, I chose the one that gave me no guarantee of funding. After a few weeks of stress and worry I found out that my tuition will be covered and everything has worked out. It is easy for me to feel joyful because I have good things going on in my life; but how do people find joy in tougher situations?

I love my work at MBK for plenty of reasons. I love the mission, I love helping people, but most of all I love the direct service aspect. Each day I meet 8-10 people or families living in Brockton. I get invited into their homes and hear their stories for a few minutes while I drop off some food. I tend to harp on this fact but I can’t help but be amazed at the resilience of the people I get the opportunity to serve. Joy despite circumstance is their life story. When I ask people how they are doing I’ll hear stories about failing health or family issues, but more often I hear gratitude for waking up and for having food delivered. I consider myself a relatively strong person but I’m reminded daily that my life has been easy compared to what others go through. If you’ve never heard the song “The Impression that I Get” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones I’d invite you to listen to it here and take a minute to reflect on joy and think about how lucky you are, for whatever blessings you have in your life.



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