A quick run down of My Brother’s Keeper


I realize I haven’t talked much about my job placements yet, so here it is! I am spending my year splitting my time between Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church and My Brother’s Keeper. For now I’d like to fill you in on MBK.

In the 3.5 months that I have been working there I have been amazed day after day at the community they have created and the kindness that is pouring out of the walls of our warehouse. Throughout the year My Brother’s Keeper delivers food, furniture, and hope to families in need around Brockton, Easton, and as far north as Quincy. I am primarily working in the food pantry where we make deliveries every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-5pm. This time is open for volunteers every week and we strongly depend on the helping hands that make our work possible.

During the Christmas season MBK runs a gift wrapping program that will serve about 3,000 families with the help of nearly 3,000 volunteers. Our Christmas help line has been receiving calls since late August, taking the burden off 2,000 families so far. The warehouse is under speedy construction and will be a fully running and decorated Santa’s Workshop by the time you are reading this blog post. All of this was kicked off with a “Gratitude Mass” the Friday after thanksgiving with record breaking attendance exceeding 900 people. If you want to see what My Brother’s Keeper is about in the holiday season, take a look  at the time-lapse video of that service.

The Advent season is insanely hectic so I will likely be posting pictures to keep you updated on the progress at My Brother’s Keeper.


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